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Calling all art quilters, doll makers, stampers, bead crazies and mixed-media maniacs. If you've got fiber in your work, join us and come get your art on! See the calendar of upcoming programs here.


DAFA meets the 4th Monday of each month at 5:30 p.m. at The Point, Center for Arts and Education on the campus of C.C. Young Retirement Community, 4847 West Lawther Drive, in Dallas. 

August 2016

DAFA Members Meeting


Monday, August 22, 2016 

at C.C. Young, 6pm -9pm


* If you have an original handmade name tag, search out Traci Hutton and claim your prize!


* Who doesn't love jewelry combined with macrame? Bring your friends and share the fun!

Macrame Bracelet

Mini Workshops - 5:30 pm - 6:30 pm, Macrame Bracelet

Tanya Bagashka, our speaker, will be giving the mini workshop on creating a macrame bracelet. See picture. 

For only $2 extra, you can take home the foam core board you will be using during the mini workshop bracelet project. Money collected will go to DAFA. If interested, PLEASE bring exact change. Members only need to bring a smile along with scissors or their To-Go Kit which should include scissors. There is a kit fee of $5. Exact change is appreciated. 

To-Go Kit

Traci suggests that each member assemble a Go-To Kit so you will always be prepared for the Mini Workshops.


Here are some of the items you will find useful.


* Scissors to cut fabric and thread. A second pair for paper only. 

* A notepad and pencil or pen.

* A few straight pins and several needles you like. Store them in a piece of felt.

* A measuring tool. Traci has both a 12" ruler and a measuring tape.

* An extra name badge in case you forget your favorite one from home.

* A small spool of black and white thread.

* An envelope with $5 tucked in your kit, just in case.

* Spare reading glasses.

* A travel package of Wet Ones.

* Some candies in case your blood sugar needs a boost.

** Important: Be sure to put your name on your Go-To Kit just in case it wanders off. Same goes for scissors etc.

Owl Earrings

Program: 6:45pm-9pm

Macrame: My Meditation


Macrame is a technique I learned as a child. I have since experimented with a number of creative activities, but jewelry making has remained my favorite. I love macrame because it gives you a lot of flexibility and freedom when it comes to texture, form, and color choices. I like experimenting with different styles. I like simple beauty and clean designs but also enjoy elaborate and intricate designs. My work continues to evolve as I like exploring new techniques and styles. I just love to create and make things by hand and will let the art speak for itself.

About Tanya Bagashka

Tanya Bagashka discusses her journey as an artist, how she balances her work as an artist with her career as a scientist, and the general health benefits of art and macrame in particular.


Tanya Bagashka was born in Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria, in 1979. Tanya learned the technique of macrame at an early age, in primary school in her hometown. Until she graduated from graduate school, she was primarily focused on her academic career. She holds BA degrees in Political Science and Business Administration from the American University in Bulgaria. She received her PhD in Political Science from the University of Rochester in 2008.


While Tanya does not have a formal art degree, art was always an important part of her life. She experimented with a number of art activities, focusing on macrame. In late 2013, she decided to start promoting her macrame jewelry and founded her company Lilliana Elysian. She has since participated in a number of art events in the Houston area and Austin. 


Website: www.lillianeelysian.com
Email: tanyabagashka@gmail.com


DAFA President

Brenda McKinney

DAFA is a non-profit organization with creative, enthusiastic members who promote fiber art through education, workshops and exhibitions.


Monthly programs include lectures and demonstrations on subjects such as thread and fabric painting, surface design, papermaking, mixed media collage, garment design, fiber jewelry, altered books and many other fiber techniques.

DAFA meets the 4th Monday of each month, 5:30pm - 9pm at:


The Point, Center for

Arts and Education,

C.C. Young Retirement Community

4847 West Lawther Drive
Dallas, Texas

Learn more about DAFA at the Dallas Area Fiber ARTists Facebook page. 

DAFA Postal Address


Dallas Area Fiber ARTists

PO Box 38077

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